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The Yamcharger was invented and builds by G-Force Division to raise the power and performance of your Yamaha Apex snowmobile engine.

The charger is driven directly from the engine crank. Air is aspirated into the center of the turbine and forced around and up to the new plenum box designed by G-Force Division. Result, the engine is lightly boosted producing more horsepower this is the very best HP gain money spend on the market for the Yamaha Apex.
Weighing only 5 lbs, it takes aprox. 3 ½ hours to install. It does not change the physical appearance of your snowmobile and does not produce any extra decibels from your exhaust. The fuel injection system will automatically self adjust to the low boost system and supply the engine with the fuel necessary for the extra HP.

For clutch calibration, you will need to add weight to your existing clutch arms, or for a more efficient shift pattern, you may purchase G-Force Division’s Yam charger clutch arms designed especially for the new character of your boosted engine.

Never attempt to start engine without all Yamcharger components in their respective location, impeller and its housing correctly fastened. Not doing so could result in serious injury! The Yamcharger is intended for competition use only, on a closed private circuit. Any other use than mentioned is the entire responsibility of the owner and/or driver.
The Yamcharger is available at your local Yamaha Dealer, or directly through G-Force Division