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Power Block Clutch

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Power Block 80 CV-Tech clutch for BRP 1200.
The new Power Block 80 large diameter sheave clutch is the ideal drive for the standard BRP 1200 snowmobile or one that is powered by a GF-BRP-Charger system. It is lighter and its masse is concentrated in its center resulting in having half the inertia than the oem clutch. Its larger sheaves offer a higher belt drive ratio of 6 mph (11kph). Silent and maintenance free, it is the choice.
Inertial advantages
It requires less HP to rise in RPM for faster throttle response and permits the engine to decelerate in RPM quicker, resulting in better control.
The movement of the sliding sheave is created by coned nylon blocks that rest between the sheave and a fixed cover. By centrifugal force these blocks are forced outwards. Captured between the fixed cover they push out and toward the sliding sheave, creating its movement. No arms. No rollers. These nylon blocks have several benefits. The noise is almost eliminated, even at idle. This material resists from the incoming frequencies created by the engine better that any metallic part such as arms and rollers that equip the OEM clutch.
Calibration and adjustments are done very easily. Adding or removing washers from the nylon blocks will play on its weight and will lower or raise engine shifting rpm. The 1200 4 stroke engine has a very large HP band and very little HP difference is seen between 7900 RPM and 8400 RPM. We suggest adjusting shift point at 8200 RPM at top speed in normal average conditions. In bad snow conditions, or when atmospheric pressure is low and engine HP drops, the clutches shift curve may drop 100-200 RPM but the engines ideal shift curve will still be in its range. The same is for the opposite, if the terrain is ideal, and because of the weather engine HP rises, the shift curve may climb 100-200 RPM and the engine will still be in its comfortable range.
4 stroke, 3 cylinder engines transmit unwanted frequencies through the crankshaft and towards the clutch. There is an ignition at every 240 degrees thus creating a pulse effect on the crankshaft and on every part tide to it. If we could see the crankshaft movement in slow motion, we would see the crankshaft accelerate and decelerate on and between every power stroke. Every part in the clutch must also follow this movement. This explains engine and clutch noise at idle. At higher RPM the noise reduces but the effect is still present, explaining the premature mechanical wear. The smaller the inertia of parts in movement, the closer toward the center of the crankshaft the weight in movement is, mechanical durability is at its best.
The BRP OEM clutch in perfect working condition and well calibrated will give very good performance results. They require a very high maintenance schedule, and require frequent checkups. We recommend disassembly every 1500 miles (2500KM) for optimum performance. The BRP clutch does not exploit completely its overdrive ratio to attain high speeds enough, compared to the Power Block 80 clutch. If you gear the snowmobile faster in its chain case, this will result in slower secondary pulley speeds for the same driving speed, resulting in lower boost pressure, lower engine HP, resulting in lower system efficiency. Higher gears also effect bottom end, slower take offs and slower acceleration. The best combination is a slow gear (stock chain case gearing), for maximum take off and acceleration, light clutch for maximum throttle response, overdrive sheaves for the extra speed and maximum boost, and a maintenance and worry free transmission.
This is why G-Force Division and CV-Tech collaborated to offer you the perfect clutch for your GF-BRP-Charged sled.
Retailing at only $589 Can, the Power Block 80 becomes a very logic choice when your OEM clutch needs service or repairs. Replacing worn or damaged parts in an OEM clutch may cost up to the price of a new CV-Tech clutch. With no maintenance required, you easily are able to calibrate yourself your new clutch with no special tools, nor no complicated procedures. You have complete control and have complete merit of your performance and successes.

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